UEFA Champions League Final 2018

Предстоящий финал лиги чемпионов уефа 2018 ( UEFA champions league final 2018) является грандиозным и значимым событием. Он важен не только для европейского, но и для всего футбольного мира. Трансляция из Киева, где и пройдет финальный матч между командами «Ливерпуль» (Англия) и «Реал» (Мадрид), ожидается с большим нетерпением. Время начала матча – 21.45 по МСК. Несмотря на то, что цена билетов является достаточно высокой для рядового болельщика (от 70 евро и выше), трибуны наверняка будут переполнены поклонниками самой популярной в мире игры.

UEFA champions league final 2018

The Road to the Final

Both teams have showed excellent results both during the group stage and in the playoffs. The accent is certainly on the two main stars. Egyptian Mohammed Salah (“Liverpool”) and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo “Real Madrid”). Bookmaker rates are really high. The fierce duel of the two forwards will be a real spectacle in Kiev arena.

In case “Real Madrid” wins the uefa champions league final 2018, it will be a real sensation. The fact is that the team under the leadership of Zidane has twice won the Champions League, which none of European clubs could do previously. If the victory goes to “Real Madrid”, the team will have the status of the club, that have won the main football European tournament three times in a row. And it will be the record that will be extremely hard to beat.

For “Liverpool” under the leadership of Klopp, the match is principal. The team was not very successful in the English championship. But it demonstrated an excellent result in the uefa champions league 2018. Real football fans remember the extravaganza that the club arranged in the Champions League 2004-2005. They won beating Milan while losing 0:3 in the course of the match. If the club beats Real, it will be a real gift for fans of “Liverpool”.

Date of the final is May, 26. And the time when the match starts is 21:45. The main referee of the game is Serb Milorad Mažić and his team of arbitrators. The venue where the show takes place is the stadium “Olympic”, Kiev. Tickets price is high enough; however, the bleachers will be filled completely by both English and Spanish fans.

UEFA Champions League Final 2018 Results

Finally, the winner is known: the victory in the match was won by Real Madrid with the score 3:1 The winners have gone a long way and deservedly won the main European football trophy. Despite the loss,  Liverpool showed a decent game.

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